Capture your special moments.

I believe photography is the proof that you existed, that the moments happened, that you are love and are loved.

I am honour to capture the story of yours.


About Me

Hi! I'm Rebecca

My name is Rebecca Chan,  from Hong Kong, currently based in Newcastle UK.

I discovered that I was really obsessed in photography when I am just a secondary school student. Over the past decade , I have transformed from playing around with my camera to taking pictures for clients.

You maybe surprised that my university major was Internet Technology. Although it is totally nothing related to photography, I believe photography some how base on the sense of photographer. Photos are like a mirror inside of you.

This job allows me to meet lots of people, each with their own stories, which are unique. My duty is to capture the moments from your stories.

Aw! Want more? Let me talk more about myself.

Beside taking photo for others, I like to be the photographed one. Record the beautiful moment for myself. Therefore, my husband is my trainee, training him to take more beautiful photos for me.

My favourite color is baby blue just like the sky.

Cooking is also my hobby, I love making a good meal on holidays.

Having a cat is my latest wish, although the cats around do not come close to me, but they are so cute. Recently, I planted catnip in my garden to attract nearby cats to my house.

Seaside is my favourite place. Enjoying the sunny sky and sound of waves are perfect for me on the weekends.

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